Make Some Noise

Many English speakers in Hong Kong complain. We like to complain about the city’s lack of music and art scene, lack of space, and lack of sports culture. Well, I’m tired of these cats–me included–bitching and moaning while doing jack in the process.

I’m very proud of my two colleagues for starting Make Some Noise, a facebook page that tries to raise awareness about Hong Kong’s ridiculously strict noise restrictions. Ideally, this group is the first step in starting a campaign that will lead to more, and better, live gigs.

It’s probably a lost cause, but at least they’re trying.

The group has blown up quite nicely, nearly 1300 members have joined since it was started late last week. And unlike many (self absorbed) gweilos in the city, they’re actually aware that we’re MINORITIES here and have adopted a Cantonese name and translation of the mission statement as well. (I’m serious, the number of times I see a gweilo make fun of a local’s English or act insulted if they get a call in Chinese is annoying. We’re living in HK…people)

Bravo, I’m feeling prouder and prouder to be a part of this team. I’ve got lots to learn.


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