Be Kind, Rewind

Be Kind, Rewind is a flawed movie. For one, there are some gaps in logic for a movie that’s set in “reality” (what timeline is this movie set in? VHS is still available? the logistics of filming an entire movie, no matter how short, with three people is a bit much, right?). Second, the plot device of sweded movies (the main draw of the marketing for this movie, as these sweded clips make up most of the theatrical trailer) is gimmicky.

But yet, I love this movie. Problematic script aside, this is a story with heart. The final scene of Danny Glover stepping out of the video store and seeing the entire town watching his short film–followed by a standing ovation–is indelible, beautiful, and magical all at once.

The power of film isn’t 3D, despite how much money Avatar has raked in and how many movies are jumping on this wagon. The power of film isn’t special effects or big name actors. The power of film is that, if made correctly, it can connect with you.


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