So with Tiger and ‘Toine’s recent troubles (you all know Tiger’s troubles… but here’s a recap of Antoine Walker’s troubles for those of you unfamiliar with NBA: he recently filed for bankruptcy after only two years into retirement. Dude made over 110 mil throughout his career in the L), stories are popping up left and right about the supposed bad influences of Michael Jordan.

Supposedly, Toine got his gambling addiction from hanging out with Jordan, a notorious high-stakes gambler. Toine confirms this story, saying he first made huge bets while at a casino with Jordan. But Toine doesn’t put the blame on MJ, saying “I didn’t bet like he did though, Michael would have slapped the hell out of me if I bet as big as he did.”

Still, this doesn’t stop people from saying Toine’s downfall was hanging out with Jordan too much.

As for Tiger, almost as soon as his dirty laundry was made public, sportswriters chuckled that he’s been hanging out with Jordan too much. Now, this NYPost piece (they’re a bit tabloid-ish so don’t take this as legit journalism) basically points the finger at Jordan.

Excerpts from the piece:

Tiger Woods became a self-indulgent, sex-crazed narcissist because he hung out with the wrong crowd — namely, hard-partying, high-stakes hoopsters Jordan and Charles Barkley, the shamed golfer’s longtime former adviser claims in an explosive new interview.

Later in the piece, a slut model/dancer type of chick said how she was set to meet Tiger one night at a casino and Jordan approached her instead. Supposedly, when she walked off, Jordan said “I’m Michael Jordan. I will find you.”

Now I dunno if these Jordan stories are true, but even if they were, I wouldn’t be surprised. But the thing is…


Jordan is a multi-millionaire who gambles big and throws wild parties. Is that illegal? How’s that different from any of the typical frat boys? What, because Tiger and Toine don’t have the self control to contain themselves, Jordan is at fault? Last I checked, Tiger and Toine are in their 30s–meaning they’re grown ass men.

And second, can everyone who acts so offended and disgusted at Tiger’s actions please calmly climb off your high horse and drink a big tall glass of shut up juice? We are fans of Jordan and Tiger because of their performance in their sport. Why do I give a fuck if they’re womanizing, gambling alpha males?

Jordan became the greatest because he was the most competitive person any sport has ever seen. The man lived and breathed basketball and obsessed about beating, no….make that destroying, his competition and peers. He succeeded and became, according to general consensus, the GOAT–Greatest Of All Time.

You think one becomes the GOAT by being humble, easily satisfied, and mild-mannered? Jordan wouldn’t be the best if he didn’t have that hyper competitive streak, if he didnt’ look at everyone doing their jobs and think “please, I can do your job better than your sorry ass”? You think if Jordan plays blackjack and the dealer takes him for 20 grand he walks away accepting defeat?

I’m not defending Jordan as a person. I probably wouldn’t want to befriend someone who acts like that. But why are we acting offended and insulted? What he does in his personal life doesn’t affect change the reason why we were fans in the first place–the man can fucking ball.

Why are people demanding apologies from Tiger? The only person he owes an apology to is his wife. He doesn’t owe you jack. The only person he’s hurting when he cheats is his wife. He’s not hurting anyone else. It has nothing to do with you.

And on a personal note, these stories that are supposed to make Jordan look like a dick only make him look even more bad ass in my eyes. The man’s trash talking skills is uncanny.

That story the chick said, about how Jordan said “I’m Michael Jordan. I will find you”? It’s hilarious. I can picture him saying that and doing it.Afterall, this is a man who once walked up to a teammate sorting tickets for his family and said:

“They don’t need a ticket to watch you sitting on the bench. They can go to your house for that.”

HAHAHAHAHH. the man is bad ass.


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