“haters gonna hate”

The other day I heard yet another person pull the whole “technology sucks, I like things to be simple like back then” speech. He said “I like my phone to just be a phone” in response to everyone at the table browsing through their iphones during a dead moment after dinner.

These people are, surprisingly, not too hard to be found. I have another friend who abhors twitter. He also hates new phones that can do more than just make calls (you know, he wants his phone to be just a phone too) and he has an anti-apple thing going because I dunno, it’s cool to hate on apple like it’s cool to hate on the Celtics?

Okay, now if these people are genuinely one of those simple folks who refuses to embrace technology and just wants to live a simple life, then fine. Take Jack White for example. He hates the internet. He insists on recording his music with analog equipments that are older than him. He will never be caught dead with a smart phone. The thing is… I can believe Jack White really has that attitude because HE’S A FUCKING WEIRDO. He’s eccentric.

But most of these normal everyday joes I hear pull this same attitude? Chances are they just hate on these things because they’ve gotten too overwhelmingly popular and it’s cool to do so. These cats I’m talking about are glued to video games half the day and then they be hating on technology? What?

For example, the dude who said “I like my phone to just be a phone”, what the hell does that mean? What, the fact that phones have more functions is a bad thing? Having a phone that also takes pictures or surf the web takes away from the artistic merit of an old telephone?

I wonder if he wants his car to just be a car. You know, why does he need air condition and airbags and CD players for his car? A car should be just a car, right?


“It’s killing our attention span, taking away from our face-to-face communication and decaying society!!!”, they cry.

oh boo fucking hoo. Technology makes life easier and in return some of the things older generation used to do are lost.

As for the doubters… let’s look at today’s breaking news, the unveiling of the new iphone.

This scoop broke online, and it’s spreading through wildfire on twitter, which most people will find out the news from as they surf the net on their iphones during lunch break today.

This immediate, free-flowing, form of information can only happen because of 1: internet 2: mobile internet on smartphones 3: twitter

So we find out about something immediately as opposed to 2 days later, like we would have back in the 80s. Is this bad? Have we somehow lost a bit of our humanity or intimacy because of we get information right away? Not really.

But that’s not going to stop my friend from calling people twats or looking disgusts when people whip out their phone to do some web browsing.

Like Laker fans used to say, “haters gonna hate”


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  1. you’re cute when you’re angry *gag*

    i do loathe sitting at a quiet table where everyone’s just scrolling through facebook on their phones.

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