Can’t deny the truth

Due to a combination of reasons (to be explained in next paragraph), Paul Pierce, aka THE TRUTH, has been getting alot of hate lately among most casual and diehard basketball fans.

Reasons to hate Paul Pierce
1: He’s a Celtic, and that’s a team that’s mainstream unpopular
2: His game is unathletic and not amazingly fun to watch to the casual fan
3: Laker fans are still bitter about Pierce coming back from that knee thing and putting the Lakers away in game 1 of the 2008 finals.

It’s probably mostly number three. And although I defended the Truth then against accusations he purposely faked an injury to play the hero ( I believe his initial response to his knee was simply due to overreaction and panic), I gotta admit his recent “fall down like he was hurt bad and then was okay after” incident in Miami even had me going “what?”

Anyway, because of that, people been hating. Q Richardson called him an “actress”. A term that, I’m pretty sure, is catching on all over the US except for the Boston area.

But you know what? The fact is Paul Pierce is one of the toughest motherfuckers in all of sports. Dude was stabbed 11 times in the back, neck, and face in 2001, only to recover in 3 months to drop 27 a night in the NBA.

And tonight? Another game winner in the playoffs.

The number of current players who are more clutch than Paul Pierce, I can count on one hand–Kobe, Manu, Nash, Lebron, Dirk. Maybe Melo and Durant. But they still gotta prove themselves first. So that’s five guys at most and seven guys at worse. He’s still one of the clutchest players of our generation

So folks, hate on him all you want, but you can’t deny the truth.


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