Everytime I see Nic Cage in a shitty movie these days, it boggles my mind how good this guy was at one point. While most people would point to Leaving Las Vegas, my favorite Nic Cage movie is this one, Family Man.

I tend to be over melodramatic and emo at times, ironic considering I eat like a monster, obsess over sports, and crack gay jokes left and right (these are the stereotypical traits to being an AMERICAN man. I think AL BUNDY set these rules two decades ago and every American male have grown up knowing that’s the only way to go. Seriously, generic American men’s magazines like Esquire and Maxim lives off those rules).

But yeah, this movie touches me, even though it never applied to me because I was never put in a spot like the CAGE. But now, the roomie is in a similar spot, and I can’t help but worry and look into my own life.

In the meantime, we’re heading towards another Lakers/Celtics finals and I’m genuinely pumped. Maybe Lebron/Kobe is better for marketing and water cooler talk (aka bandwagon ass cats making conversations about shit they barely know, but they do it because it’s the hot item. i hate that crap) but Lakers/Celtics is a more entertaining final. We’ve got the history and two clashing styles of play. Kobe Bryant, the (still?) greatest one on one player in the world–and one who still selfishly chooses that over team sometimes–going against the toughest and most bad ass team defense.

Then, there’s Paul Pierce’s return to LA.

Yesterday I had a massive argument/debate about Paul Pierce over facebook with my friend ML, who is one of those supersmart, supersharp dudes with a bit of a cocky arrogant swag to him. I hear that’s supposed to be the TYPE A personality in them Meyers Briggs test (Don’t ask me how I know).

Anyway, ML, he’s a masters of the movies (literally, just graduated from USC film school) and one of the most knowledgeable people in music as well. Naturally, most of his friends thinks he’s the bomb, and when he drops knowledge on music and film, 85% of the time it’s pretty deep stuff that has his yes-mens bowing down.

But we go at it about ball. And to put it frankly, he don’t know as much ball as I do. And I don’t care if you Type A or Type D, you ain’t beating me if you arguing basketball. He argued that Pierce was a baby because of his supposed fake knee injury in game 1 of the 2008 finals. I countered that even if that was fake, it shouldn’t take away from his body of work, which includes things like GETTING STABBED AT A NIGHTCLUB 11 TIMES AND THEN COMING BACK TO PLAY BALL IN THREE MONTHS.

It got heated, and he brought up the sensitive issue that I just hate on Kobe because, apparently, I like the attention. LA people have attacked me on all angles regarding my anti-Kobeness, and none offends me more than his accusation. So our back and forth, all happening on my facebook wall, spread 12 comments and some 4000 words deep within an hour.

It was pretty damn heated. But we cool now, like always. We always go at it, get heated, get feisty, but we still good friends because in the end, we know we’re just two heavily, heavily opinionated and passionate cats who likes to call people out. We both snobs in what we like. BS don’t fly with us, and we think each other’s talk is BS at times. But there’s mutual respect. He’s one of my best friends.

Why am I going on about all this? This ties into my situation with Nic Cage and all…

Conversations I have with ML, or with my other friend–shit his initials are also ML–do not happen in Hong Kong, at least for me. Most people I know here are apathetic and care about superficial shit like money and club nights and partying. Argue about sports and music? Not the culture here.

Part of me is tired of HK, and how small the English circle is. It’s a tiny bubble where people big up each other and give each other jobs (blow and work). I am tired of logging on facebook and seeing the same faces at the same party everyday. Everynight it’s a new event, and everynight it’s the same cats, holding a bottle of beer standing at some party.

Fuck that, that ain’t for me. And although that scene is very much alive and kicking in NYC, the city is big enough that one can escape it if they want–there are alternative scenes. Here in HK, me sitting my ass at home watching Family Man trailers on a Fri night (It’s actually Thurs but I’m gonna spin it for story sake) makes me a weirdo. In the US, naw man, there are more like me. I can find others like my friend ML, who would also be at home on this night and we’d be arguing over instant messenger about the which Rocky villain was the best.

A friend told me everyone just drinks in NYC. Not really. There are other things to do for me than sit at a bar though, unless, of course, that bar is showing THE NBA ON TNT.


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