half magic, half dragon

Before I even start the blog I gotta write an aside first: I told myself when I started this entry I would no longer mention my friends by their full name (which I used to do on my xanga), simply because they may not be comfortable with it. But my friend, ML (not the type A one, the other one who really really really loves the Lakers) said it’s a travesty I don’t make an exception for this friend, because he is who he is. And you know what? ML is right. I have this friend who has shown that he loves, and needs, attention. He feeds off attention the way Shang Tsung feeds off human souls. He is a character not unlike Al Bundy, or Johnny Drama, so HE IS THE EXCEPTION TO THE RULE, I will mention this friend’s name…starting this entry. Alright, to quote the Joker… and here …. we … go.


So my friend VICTOR “VENGEANCE” CHI (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2051186/) is known for being a huge bandwagon basketball guy. Dude isn’t a hardcore, hardcore fan; he gets into the L more when the playoffs heat up. He’ll jump into heated basketball discussions between me and other obsessive fans with his thoughts, which suspicously reads like a wikipedia paragraph.

I usually dislike bandwagoners, or to quote Sheed, “bandwagon ass-cats” (in America, that would be most of your coworkers during March Madness or your female friends during Superbowl), but VICTOR “VENGEANCE” CHI is such a character, and someone I’ve known so long, that he is the exception to the rule (he is the exception to many of my rules).

Now although I pride myself in liking certain players first before they hit huge (most notably Ginobili)…I can’t lie, I hop on bandwagons now and then too. Today, after seeing this youtube clip, I knew I needed to hop onto the GORAN DRAGIC BANDWAGON.

So I message my friend VICTOR “VENGEANCE” CHI, asking if he would like to join me. He agreed, and within minutes we had posted on our facebook linking vids, matching GORAN DRAGIC: HALF DRAGON HALF MAGIC slogans, and joined a facebook group to boot.

This whole tag team matching support/lovefest isn’t new. We did this some 12 years ago when we threw our support for THE ROCK. We started a wrestling club in high school; we participated in the annual high school food fair and named our food dishes after wrestling items (Val Venis hotdogs is the favorite); and best of all–we took club fees for fellow wrestling lovers, only the fees never went to any group activity, it funded Victor’s prom.

Vic and I, we’re not exactly cool, but we likable, and we goofy, and people take to us. That is why THE HALF MAGIC, HALF DRAGON bandwagon will kick off on facebook among our friends. People will like GORAN DRAGIC.

Of course, him balling out of his mind doesn’t hurt.


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