thanks, Mr Vengeance

I woke up early to watch the Suns/Lakers game 6 this morning with a visiting friend from LA.

Going into the 4th, the Lakers had a 17 point lead and the Suns’ season looks to be over. Can’t say I didn’t expect it–this Laker team is too strong, too tall, too talented, too skilled. The Suns simply do not have the personnel to match up. The fact they made it this far is amazing already.

But then, GORAN DRAGIC, led a charge early in the 4th quarter to cut the Lakers lead down 8. Suddenly… the Suns had hope. Steve Nash entered the game later and the Suns got as close as 3 in the final minutes…but never any closer.

One Kobe Bean Bryant kept fighting off the Suns charge. Everytime the Suns cut the lead down, Kobe hits a dagger to put it back up. The Suns never gave up; they kept chasing. Everytime they get close, Kobe puts it a little out of reach.

Kobe hit some ridiculous–and I mean RIDICULOUS–jumpers late in the game despite perfect defense from the Suns. Kobe was just JORDAN-LIKE tonight.

But this post isn’t abot Kobe. It’s about Nash. After the final horn, as the Lakers were celebrating their victory, Nash congratulated the team, then went back to the locker room. Minutes later, the camera crew went to the back and caught Steve Nash crying.

I know this is going to sound emo, gay, whatever, but that really saddened me. My eyes welled up a bit too. The reason Nash is crying is because he knew this was probably his final shot. The man is soon-to-be-37…that’s ancient by NBA standards.

I feel for Nash because he is so loyal. Last season, the Suns looked to be a sinking ship, but yet Steve Nash re-signed with the team when he had a chance to bail. He didn’t demand his team trade him or get him help, like a certain player in Los Angeles did back in 2007. He didn’t complain, he didn’t whine. He felt like–as a leader of the team–it is his responsibility to right the ship. And right the ship he did, he took this Suns cast and overachieved. No one thought they would be real contenders this season, and yet they went to the WCF and were two wins away from the NBA finals.

These Lakers are far more talented on paper, the Suns never really had a chance. Yet they kept fighting. Steve Nash kept fighting.

Nash is mature. He always says the right thing. In previous postseasons, after a heartbreaking loss he’d find something positive to say and look forward to next year. But this time, at age 36, he knew this was probably his last shot.

That’s why he cried. He knew his career is about to end, and it’s going to end without a championship, or even a shot at the championship.

I am avoiding internet forums today because if I come across idiot Laker fans laugh at Nash or make fun of his tears, I would just lose it. I already lost it a bit over facebook when a friend’s facebook status got too obnoxious. To me, the Lakers were SUPPOSED TO WIN, so they haven’t done shit yet. These Suns, however, fought and overachieved like champions.

Steve Nash is a champion in my book. One of the greatest players of my era, one of the greatest point guards ever. I considered him some sort of a role model the last summer because of the way he shut his doubters up. But tonight, I realized that VENGEANCE is only Steve Nash’s second best trait. His best trait is his loyalty.


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