“who doesn’t hate sellouts…

…you wait and wait and wait in line and then when you get to the front, everything’s gone?”
–Hilary Banks

So first, my SLAM piece offended a few Filipinos. Now, a British blogger is ripping the opening of a June 4th events listing that I wrote, calling it “awkward” and “fence sitting”. He assumed the piece was written that way because we are “joyously corporate”, and were scared of offending advertisers.

A few things:

1: I’m assuming this blogger has a problem with the opening because I wrote “regardless of your stance on this controversial issue”. He’s accusing us–or really, me, because I wrote and edited that–of selling out because we didn’t take a specific side. I dunno, isn’t the fact that we’re LISTING June 4th events something? Furthermore, I did an interview with a member of the June 4th activist group Tiananmen Mothers. If we were completely fence-sitting and trying to avoid the issue, we wouldn’t have even done an interview with a group that has been openly harassed–and possibly spied on–by Chinese government for two decades.

What exactly irked this blogger? That we didn’t come out and say “you should celebrate June 4th freely because the Chinese government is wrong”?

2: One of the best things I love about my job is that we section editors get almost complete say over what goes in our section. The music guy, he previews whatever he wants. This June 4th thing, which ran in my Around Town section, was my idea. I didn’t have to get permission from the head and I didn’t talk to sales team once. Hell, I don’t even talk to people at work. I go in, put on my head phones, put on my hoodie and just do my shit. So saying we were nervous about potentially scaring away advertisers is off.

3: And finally, I’m going to respond to these criticisms with a Laker fan response…

“Haters gonna hate! 81 points son!”

I’m kidding about that hater thing btw, it’s a joke that basketball lovers in LA would get, but I reckon it’d be lost here in HK and everyone would get all riled up. I don’t try to make this blog public, I generally dont link to this blog. I write shit here–in Ivan Drago’s words–for ME. Most references appeal only to Americans in America. 90% of y’all reading this from HK are lost on all the random references. And I don’t care. I like it that way.



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3 responses to ““who doesn’t hate sellouts…

  1. Tim

    haha i like the fat kid. where’s that from?

    also good on you for hitting back at the haters. seemed like a bit of a sucker punch having a go at you/the mag for the opening line.

    as you said regardless of your stance it should be applauded that HK still has people that cares about the atrocity that was commited 21 years ago and here are some events you can attend (even if police may or may not be stricter this year)…


  2. lonewolfncub

    yo tim

    i was joking with the hater bit, im not upset at the blogger at all nor am i offended at what he wrote about my piece. i cant blame him for being cynical, hk english circle can be shallow as fuck. tired of the same group of cats hanging around LKF backpatting each other everyday.

    the hater thing is a play on laker fanbase, i just thought it was clever to end the entry. its got nothing at the blogger and what he wrote actually.

  3. Tim

    haha yeh i know, but you know what i’m like with my massive ladle, stirring the shit pot

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