you other brothas can’t deny

Believe it or not, this isn’t a basketball blog. This is a i-write-random-things-in-my-life-so-i-can-one-day-read-back blog. If basketball has taken up most of the page, it’s simply because basketball is my life.

I know saying “basketball is my life” sounds weirdly creepy, but I’m mostly normal. I’ve got a girlfriend, friends, and have other healthy hobbies. It’s just that basketball is the one constant. Songs and movies have grown old (some. Dumb and Dumber and Rocky IV NEVER grows old), friends have come and gone, girlfriends seem to always wonder if I’m good enough, whatever. At the end of the day, basketball is there. The NBA playoffs excites me, and gives me genuine reason to blog/talk/analyze, every year, regardless of how many faces change, or how the faces have changed (Kobe went from a 17 year scrawny kid jacking up airballs to a mini-fro sporting super athlete to now…an aging cold blooded assassin who picks his opponents apart). Every year, the playoffs are there.

And no matter how bad a player I’ve become, how out of shape I’ve gotten, on the court is when I get to truly express myself.

I went balling last Sunday, and throughout the game I could hear my roommate on the sidelines express her surprise about how outspoken, aggressive, and angry I was. She’s known me for two and half years. We used to work together. Seen me more than anyone else in Hong Kong probably. But she’s never seen me ball until that day. I was telling my teammates to box out, set picks, D up–directing them. I was screaming at the nearby courts for not alerting us of rolling-balls, I was attacking the hoop nonstop–screaming fuck after every miss and doing a fistpump after every make.

Perhaps as an introverted guy who was never into alcohol, drugs, or wild parties, I don’t have many opportunities to let loose and be ridiculous. Basketball lets me loose. And I like it that way.

But again, as hard as it is to believe, this isn’t a basketball blog. And basketball isn’t all I like.

I like comics. I actually liked comics before basketball, but that’s unfair because I grew up in Hong Kong and basketball wasn’t big here in the 80s. But yeah, I grew up reading Japanese manga (Dragonball, Saint Seiya, and later Slam Dunk) in Hong Kong. When I moved to the states, I turned to American comics. Early 90s was an exciting time for American comics, the Marvel guys had just branched off on their own to start Image, and books like Spawn, Savage Dragon, and Shadow Hawk were all the rage. I was a DC guy mostly though, always loved Batman.

I remember I wanted to draw, and I created mini comics from scratch in 5th grade. By the mid 90s, the Japanese influence hit American comics, thanks to the likes of J Scott Campbell and Joe Madureira. I was ecstatic–Japanese comics and American comics were merging.

With that said, here are a few piece of artwork I came across today by Chicago based comic artist Skottie Young (

Seeing these cool renditions of Spidey and Tony Stark ignited my urge to read comics and draw. Tonight, I’m gonna sketch.

So there, an entry that (technically) isn’t about basketball. I like other things too. Like, big butts, I cannot lie.


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