this is a video made by my former roommate’s girlfriend’s sister.

very impressive. I’ve always said that if I had more money to spend–if I could have my own place, if I could not live paycheck to paycheck–I’d get an iMac and just mess around with all these video music making software. I know I can’t ever make anything as cool as that, but I’ve been fascinated with tying stop motion images with like, a Radiotrack or something.

I always say that, and then I make excuses for myself by saying “but my pay isn’t ideal, but I don’t have my own place”. Well, enough of that. Excuses are for the weak. It’s time to start.

iPad, iPhone 4, iMac?

I have far too many hobbies. My problem is I’m too cheap to ever take professional lessons so I never get good at anything, but I do get to above-average by self-learning through books and exploring. I used to go to Borders and just read how-to books. I learned how to bowl, play poker, and drum through literature first, before I tried the actual thing. This is why I am slightly above average at:


and i have above average knowledge in:

-film studies
-comic books history
-pop culture
-sports history
-gadgets and video games.

because of my slightly above average knowledge/skill level in all of the above, I can fit into any convo with most guys. The problem is I ain’t ever good enough to get anywhere with any of the above. Maybe it’s time I narrow it down and try to actually get better-than-decent at some.

Actually, I’m pretty damn good at poker. Brought me to Hong Kong. ha.

On a serious note, you know what song would go PERFECT for one of them emo still photo videos I wanna make? Weezer’s Only in Dreams, off the BLUE ALBUM, man.

that bass line is dreamy.


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