game seven

And so, the NBA season comes down to one final game. One game to decide the champions–Game Seven.

A game seven in the finals is always special regardless of who’s playing. But when you consider the star power involved–there are four surefire hall of famers on the court and two maybe/potential hall of famers. NINE of the 24 players involved are currently or were once all stars (Kobe, Gasol, Artest, Pierce, Garnett, Jesus, Rondo, Sheed, Finley), throw in the history between both franchises and we have ourselves one of the most anticipated championship games in over a decade.

Mini stories on the side, too: Kobe winning his 5th ring in a game 7 against the Celtics would almost certainly cement his status in the pantheon with guys like Magic/Bird/Jordan. If he loses, haters could easily take that away and say he’s not on those guys’ level. If he wins, he probably belongs. The future of both coaches is at stake and whether they win or lose has a major factor. The legacy of guys like Pierce, Allen and KG is also on the line (granted they have less to climb/fall than Kobe).

Then there’s the Ray Allen/Kobe feud from 2002. Eight years on you can feel it.

Thank you, basketball gods. This game seven will be one for the ages.

However, as much as I enjoy being alone most of the time, tomorrow’s game will remind me how out of place here I am in this city–watching the game, alone, on a laptop with a crappy stream, then going into an office where only one other person follows basketball (granted this is an anomaly. I mean basketball isn’t as big as soccer here but it is still a crazy coincidence that everyone here is a soccer loving European, especially considering that Kobe is actually a bigger name than any soccer player).

It’s a reminder that if I was in the US, I’d be watching the game on HD, with a bunch of people, receiving calls/text/twittering throughout, and then having a heated discussion about the game afterwards over dinner. I’d hear people cheer or boo in public. I still do all that basketball debate/argument talk, just on facebook and instant messenger.


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