going the distance

My mind takes longer to process the magnitude of big events in my life these days. I don’t know if it’s a “I’m getting more mature” thing or “I’m just getting old” thing. But the significance of certain events do not kick in until later. Just today, at lunch with a former Beats intern, some 25 hours after the Lakers beat the Celtics in game 7, the significance of last night’s game sunk in.

It helped that I read last night’s game 7 drew the highest rating for a basketball game since Jordan’s legendary final game as a Bull in 98. The entire nation was tuned in. It was that big.

The loss hurts, but as a basketball fan, what more could one ask for? Two star-studded teams going the distance. We got three consecutive threes back to back to back in a 30 second span in the final minute to keep things close. Some people said it was ugly basketball because of all the miss shots and the low score. I say those people don’t appreciate gritty gutsy basketball. No one gave less than 100% out there. Bodies were flying and everyone left their heart out there. Even Sheed and Artest, two of the craziest ticking timebombs in all of sports, stepped up huge when it mattered.

Sometime last night, I checked ESPN.com on my iphone and read that Lebron is apparently leaning towards New York. I didn’t even think twice. Lebron and New York didn’t matter yesterday. Yesterday was about the Lakers and the Celtics doing their Rocky Balboa/Apollo Creed impression.

and here is the theme song Going the Distance by Bill Conti, used in the Rocky series as it became apparent tot he world that the underdog Rocky Balboa was hanging in there and shocking the world.


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