money, it’s gotta be the shoes

I’ve held off buying these for a year because I couldn’t get myself to shell out nearly 150 USD for these (not originals, but re-releases with a twist. AJ Remix, if you will). But I’ve always known that I would buy them eventually. To me, these are more than shoes, it’s a symbol.

Air Jordans are culturally significant. These shoes were one of several factors that helped pushed hip hop to the mainstream in the 80s. AJs were banned by the NBA upon release, and Nike reacted with a brilliant “BANNED” commercial that symbolizesd the fight the system/stick it to the man mentality. Then, AJs made its way onto the seminal Do The Right Thing. For many kids in the hood, it led to gang violence; these shoes separated those who have, and those who have-nots.

Air Jordans are racially significant. With the success of the Air Jordan line, Michael Jordan became the first black man to become his own “brand” in America. “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man” is Jay Z’s line, well Jordan paved the way for him.

These shoes are fashionably significant. Air Jordans 1 are fresh-looking to this day, and remains the favorites among hip hop heads, sneakerheads, Japanese porn stars, and President Obama.

These shoes are personally significant. I wanted a pair in my teens, but mom wouldn’t buy me a pair. My mom was a good mom, but she never got me anything aside from the necessities. It taught me the value of the dollar, partly. Mostly, it taught me that you earn your own way and then you buy your own shit.

Now, I gots them. First day at new job, I’m rocking these with a suit.


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