the race card

This is an interesting profile piece on a Filipino r&b boy band group named Legaci. Interesting because, as usual, NY times does a great job painting a picture of its subjects with their profiles, and because I didn’t know these 30 some year olds Filipinos were backing Justin Bieber.

But the piece was quickly ruined when this group pulled the “Asian American Pride” card. If you’re unfamiliar with this, let me explain: America’s anyone-can-say-anything system is good for the most part, but has led to some minority groups abusing this power and making a mountain out of a molehill on many issues. Most of the time, the things they complain about are full of double standards and reeks of hypocrisy. Example: White boy jokes fly okay, but the second you make that same joke about a gay or a black dude, it’s national controversy.

Of all the minority groups, I find Asian Americans the most overly sensitive and most prone to making a scene. Whereas some brothas and gays are open for a little joke and self-deprecating humor, Asian Americans are an uptight, elitist bunch who can dish it out but they can’t take it.

This group throws a fit every time a movie role that could have gone to an Asian goes to a white guy. They vowed to boycott the movie 21 because the Hollywood studios changed the main character from an Asian dude to a white guy.  The Asian dude, which the movie was based on, even received death threats for being a “race traitor” (because he allowed Hollywood to change his character). Jake Gyllenhaal and his latest shit movie, the Prince of Persia, caught plenty of heat not for being a shitty movie but because Jake Gyllenhaal is white and not Persian. These people also complain, over and over, about the portayal of Asians as geeky, wound-up, and booksmart in movies. Never mind the fact that white people are cast simply because studios want a safer investment (casting a known actor vs unknown) and Asian roles are written as booksmart because Asians really do lead the nations in SAT scores and grade point averages…to Asian American groups, these decisions are made simply because they don’t like Asians!

It goes on and on. Asian American actors are constantly complaining about the lack of lead roles or opportunities. But have they ever thought about this… this is America, White people are still the dominant race…therefore, more movies are going to be based on WHITE PEOPLE. You don’t see White folks complain about lack of lead roles in China or Israeli actors complain about lack of lead roles in Bollywood movies, right?

A week ago, E3 (the annual video game conference in LA) hired several hundred aspiring Asian actors to promote war video game by dressing up as North Korean soldiers, aka “the bad guys”. Now even though these Asian actors willingly took the part, and was paid pretty decent for doing this, many are now complaining on their blogs and websites about having to play stereotype roles. It’s like expected to have a shot at playing Batman and James Bond or something.

This minority abuse of power has led to this phenomenon where suits in America are wayyy too PC and will go as far away from a possible stereotype as possible–even if it’s totally unrealistic–just to avoid the wrath of this oversensitive bunch. Movie execs will now randomly flip the race of well known, established characters for minorities but never the other way around.

I Am Legend’s Robert Neville, Marvel comics’ Nick Fury and Kingpin, and many more fictional white characters were changed to black or other minority races, and everyone is okay with it. But if a white man ever play a role that was supposed to be Asian or black, ooooh here comes protests and controversy.

So back to this Legaci story. It was a good read until these guys started pulling the Asian American pride thing. They went on about how they don’t get enough opportunities, because they’re always known as “mathematicians and violinist”.

First of all, it’s unusual to see Filipinos claim that. Isn’t that more a Chinese stereotype? Second–and this is something I’ve been saying for years–have these Asians ever considered that, maybe there aren’t a many Asian American entertainers because there simply aren’t as many Asian Americans as white people?

And finally, what’s up with the term Asian-American? how elitist and pretentious is that? I don’t see no Mexican-Americans or Australian-Americans. Y’all want the American name but can’t let go of the “Asian pride” (hence the Asian club nights, Asian clubs, Asian groups, Asian meetings, Asian bars. jesus christ can you imagine seeing black club nights or white basketball league? Nope. only Asians pull that shit)

Just call yourself Asian or American and be done with it.


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