“my insurance name is YO FAULT”

This is a great piece by Peter Bregman, of the Harvard Business Review, about how he had to return the ipad because it was simply too much distraction. I like this piece because he takes responsibility–he concedes that the problem is due to his lack of self-control.

Many people do not take this road. They pull that “techonology is bad” card, blaming the new mobile gadgets for distractions and supposedly taking away from the good old days of face-to-face interaction.

As someone who adopted the iPhone 3G on day one and had to defend the purchase against many “wow it’s so expensive/do you need this?” camp (I’d like to point out that most of these cats now own an iphone), I think these technology-haters are wrong. You can always pull that “this isn’t necessary, we lived fine without it before, so it’s only a distraction” line on everything. These people pull it on the iPhone, but can’t their mamas drop that same line on computers? What’s next? We can do that for television, telephones and electricity too, right?

Long story short, the iPhone and iPad, which offers internet anywhere anytime in a easy-to-navigate system, is amazing. If it’s too much distraction, or if you think it’s somehow “killing attention spans” or “taking away from face to face time”, then that’s– to quote the Fresh Prince after his car was hit by Malcom Jamal Warner–YO FAULT.


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