12 years ago, at a video store down the street from my house, I rented The Big Hit. I had no idea what it was about; I rented it simply because it was directed by a HK director.

The Big Hit turned out to be a throwback to the older Hong Kong films–high on action, low on plot, and the acting was over the top.

I loved it.

Lou Diamond Phillips as the villain was rad, the “trace busta busta busta” sequence was hilarious, and the action scenes were pretty entertaining. But the absolute highlight of the movie is it introduced me to her.

Her name is China Chow and she played Marky Mark’s love interest in the movie. It was an awesome movie.

Four years later I found out my friend ML also saw The Big Hit, and he also was smittened by her. It was one of our earliest bonding moments as friends. After all, I didn’t know anyone else who had seen The Big Hit (not a box office hit). From that day on, every few months, we’d talk about China.

Two days ago, I was talking to an old friend and she asked me who I think is hot in movies. I told her  “China Chow”. She had no idea who she was. (She has a bad memory. We saw Head Over Heels back in 2001 and I’m 100% sure I raved about China Chow in the movie to her afterwards)

Today, I get a Facebook message from her saying she just started watching this new reality show, Work of Art, and guess who’s the judge?


I hate reality TV. But I’ll watch Work of Art for her.

Oh and here’s the ransom scene.


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