Summer of Lebron

I stopped writing about The Summer of Bron a couple of weeks ago because I was peeved that Lebron and his crew of yes-men, along with the arrogant city of New York, tried so hard to make headlines and take attention from basketball’s grand stage–the NBA Finals.

Now that the finals, and the draft, have come and gone, we can give attention to July 1st, the day teams can start chasing free agents. So now, let’s talk about The Summer of Lebron.

Lebron and Wade have done some amazing things that may or may not be good for basketball. Back in the day, teams chose players. But because these two pioneered the trend to willingly sign shorter contracts–thus giving them free agency power sooner and more often–the structure has been flipped. Now, the players choose the teams.

Lebron and Wade are enjoying every bit of the attention they getting. Miami will change the name of Dade County to Wade County on July 1st, and NYC is planning a giant bash filled with celebrity chefs (this term makes me BARF. fucking Hong Kong and NYC just loves big upping cooks and bartenders like they Eric Clapton), slutty chicks, and B-list celebs (The Knicks openly asked celebs to make sales pitch to Lebron. Only hilariously, instead of getting the A listers like Scorsese and Denzel they got B and C listers like Chris Rock and Alec Baldwin) to lure Lebron.

Wade is at least making an effort to appear humble. Lebron and his team of yes-men are just abusing their power now, attempting to get a leverage on every city and making demands. Apparently, Lebron’s business partner Worldwide Wes (dumb name) told teams to start shopping for Chris Paul if they want a better shot at Lebron.

Jalen Rose said on his twitter Lebron is all but gone from Cleveland. Stephen A Smith says he’s leaning towards NYC. Perfect fit. Summer of Lebron starts July 1st, and after Lebron milks the attention of five cities, he’ll announce his decision and it’s going to shake not just the world of basketball, but apparently the city’s economy as well.

Big deal coming up. That day–one I’ve bee blogging about for years–is almost here.

Less than a week away.

But I feel empty.

BTW, read Adrian Wojnarowski’s piece here. An amazing feature that talks about the same things I just talked about, only much more well written and researched)


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