“they show me pictures of their kids, and all i can show are pictures of my cribs”

So a few days ago I had dinner with a local HK friend. When he left Beats, we had talked about starting our own mag–with him doing the Chinese and me doing the English a couple years ago. We talked about it again yesterday.

Online is the future. Print isn’t dead and won’t ever be dead but there’s no stopping the decline in relevance. Ever since I got the sidekick in 2004–one of the first internet anywhere, anytime portable devices– I’ve always figured that eventually, in the near future, everyone will have one of these gadgets. While some are slow to accept it–that would be the “oh, the iphone/ipad is not necessary” camp (a dying breed, btw), it’s just fact. The iPad is the first step. Eventually, almost everyone will have a device gadget for consuming electronic media.

So my plan is to do something online. Doesn’t necessarily mean “starting” my own mag, but writing for online magazines is the goal.

Back to the friend, he agrees that online is the future and we should start on it. So we talking about this and that and he suddenly drops the bomb that he wants to do this because he wants to make lots of money. Other than the fact that he is a bit naive to think starting something profitable is that easy (dude literally thinks we can like, start today and be on track in like 8 months. I almost slapped him), he’s got the idea all wrong. You don’t do this looking to get rich.

I never understood twentysomethings who obsess with being rich. Don’t get me wrong–I daydream sometimes about being loaded too, but the reason I’m rich in my fantasies is because I’m an NBA player, or a rocker, or a popular sportswriter, or a World Series of Poker main event winner . So the actual fantasy is about me doing, and succeeding, in some crap I like. It’s not just a dream about being rich. And I wouldn’t daydream about getting rich without earning it. If it happens I wouldn’t turn it down but it’s not something I’d strive for.

But I have some friends: chicks who say with a straight face they wanna marry a rich guy so she’d be “set”, or guys–in their mid fucking 20s–wishing they’d win the lottery so they can just not do anything and sit on a beach.

It’s a bit understandable if you’re a 47 year old who isn’t happy with your job, but I hear 25 year olds talk about it and it’s like, “what the fuck?” It always baffles me when I hear friends talk–and go on about– the latest lottery prize pool. Just sounds too I’m-42- years-old-married-with-4-kids-and-I’m-working-a-9-to-5-I-don’t-like-ish. Just don’t sound like something 23 or 28 year olds should be saying.

Man, when you in your twenties you should be fantasizing about doing something you love–act, sing, write, cook, dance, build, make shit, create, whatever. Not look for get-rich quick schemes. Or fantasize about getting rich without earning it.

SM damn H these days.


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