Last week, fucked around and got a triple double

Watching US news right now. They just showed the weather forecast. Thunderstorms in New York. Heat wave in Philly. 110 (!!!!) degrees in Phoenix. High 90s just about everywhere else in the US. And then…over on the left side of the screen, I see…

Los Angeles. a cool 75.

Here in HK, it’s been raining nonstop. When it’s not pouring, it’s hot and humid. Three years living in Hong Kong, and I still can’t get myself to bring an umbrella when I step out. 15 years of living in LA has wiped the concept of using an umbrella from my mind. Umbrellas do not exist in LA.

Weather’s hell everywhere right now. But in LA?


Perfect weather for lounging on the porch with Furious, Tre, and Dough.


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One response to “Last week, fucked around and got a triple double

  1. how fitting then that he went on to rap under the name “Ice Cube”

    [dope song – used to get me odd looks when i’d pump it out my uni dorm room and peeps would look over to see this half asian half white guy bobbin’ his head as he mimed the lyrics but beats be beats my man]

    p.s. buy a frickin umbrella they cost $15 in wanchai. can’t live in the (weather of the) past

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