Lone Wolf n Cub

A few entries back I wrote that I don’t really want to be a loner, I just am very picky about who I hang out with or what I do.

And so, with the NYC plan fallen through, I suddenly had some vacation time and money available. I had three options:

1: Go to London, where my roommate, and this crew of guys I play poker/basketball will all be.

2: Go to Thailand with three people–a dude and two chicks.

3: Go to Tokyo alone.

First option sounded appealing, given that the poker/bball group and roommate are people I like. But then I realised they’ll be doing alot of activities I don’t particularly love, such as clubbing, smoking, and going to Amsterdam (for Harold and Kumar activities). So I decided against it.

Second option is cheap, and quick, but the two chicks have gotten on my nerves every now and then (one is one of them cute, young, SUPERFICIAL chicks who can never commit simply because she loves/craves the attention of random guys) and the guy is a vanilla dude I don’t got much in common with.

And so, I decided to go to Japan, alone. It’s perfect anyways. I love Japan (fascination with Japan came even earlier than NYC. If there’s  ever a place I think is  “cooler” than HK, it’s NYC and Tokyo, that’s it), it’s closer than London, and I should be alone to clear my head anyway.

So one thing led to another, and I ended up buying tickets to Summer Sonic as well. And now, after hearing the lineup, one of the guys from the poker/bball crew wants to come along.

I said okay, but told him to get his own hotel room. That way I can see him for a meal there and a walk there, but I’m not seeing him 24 hours straight. I need/want to be alone.

And I’m staying at capsule hotel, I don’t know if I’m claustrophobic, it’s gonna be pretty bad if I am. But eh, it’ll be a good experience. Alone.

(i dont know these chicks, just wanted to show a pic of capsule hotels)


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