This free agency thing is getting insane. Let’s just skip past the “every city giving Lebron a blowjob” circus, or even Wade and Bosh and Joe Johnson (the fifth beatle. of all the max players. he’s the weakest)

Dirk and Paul Pierce are also opting out to become free agents too.

There’s word that Chicago and Miami may each get 2-3 of these free agents (with the ridiculous story swirling that the top three–bron/wade/bosh–are going to one place), and New York may get shut out. Then there were mumblings that all the top free agents were getting together to meet this month (before they can sign), a free agency summit, so to speak.

The league frowns on collusion and tampering so the crew had to deny the meeting, but word is…it took place. last week.

So what does Bill Simmons do? He gets with the crew of PTI (one of the best sports discussion shows in the country world…(because America is the sports capital of the world) (yeah that’s a parenthesis inside a parenthesis)) and another dude to form…


Here’s the video

This crap is so entertaining. It’s one of, oh, one reason why I’d want to move back to the US, four grown-ass-men talking passionately about sports, and it’s compelling television. Look at how they dim the set and started the show with a cold open. This is serious discussion here, on where grown-ass-millionaires will go.


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