“I don’t care where Lebron James ends up…

…as long as it’s not 11pm on TBS”

–Conan O’Brien on his Twitter.

I know I’m easily amused, but seeing Conan tweet about the Summer of Lebron was not only cool, but it summed up just how an event this is in American pop culture today. See, all those headstarts ranting about “Lebron to Brooklyn 2010!” back in 2007 on my xanga wasn’t for nothing, this is an event the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

And as I’m typing this, the New York Knicks are meeting Lebron in Ohio. Bron’s already met New Jersey, led by Russian BILLIONAIRE Mikhail something (let’s just call him Ivan Drago) and the dude headlining Summer Sonic 2010, Shawn Carter.

You know, Lebron, Wade and crew are about to get anywhere from 96 mil for five years or 120 mil for six years. It’s easy for us average folks to shake our heads and go on about how much money that is. But you know what, compared to other athletes, Lebron isn’t overpaid.

I mean, Darko, aka the biggest flop in the history of the league, is getting a four year 20 mil offer from Minnesota (what the hell are they thinking??)????? Drew Gooden, a dude who somehow has played on 8 teams in 8 years, got a 5 year 32 mil deal.

You pay Lebron 100 mil you’re at least getitng a global icon and someone who causes legit buzz through your entire city. That has to be a better deal than 20 mil for Darko to sulk and sit on your bench.

Anyway, Bron and crew can’t sign until July 8, so we have some time. But it’s gonna be a zoo the next few days. I wish I could witness this in person in Chicago or NYC.

As much as Chicago and Miami look appealing, if I have to guess right now I’d say Lebron goes to Jersey or NYC. He can’t turn down that spotlight man. It’s Madison Square Garden or teaming with Jay and Ivan Drago. I mean, how cool is that for NBA free agents that JAY Z IS PART OF THE RECRUITING SUITS? Keep in mind this is the NBA, and these players are black, so Jay Z means even more to them than me and you. Jay Z recruiting 20 something brothas is like Rivers and Jim (from Jimmy Eat World) recruiting emo kids or Vince McMahon and Steve Austin recruiting rednecks from Texas.


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