“the grass is always greener on the other side”

A few weeks back, I wrote an entry comparing Lebron to young, pretty girls. The reasoning is that I find both to be a bit superficial, arrogant, and constantly–no matter how good they have it–looking around for more. It wasn’t a total bashfest, I defended their traits by pointing out that society has given them that power. If you’re Lebron or a young pretty chick, you’re always handed everything and getting options, so of course you’re going to be a bit more self-centered, superficial, and unwilling to commit/settle than the average athlete or the average looking chick. Unlimited options and people bending over backwards for them is all they’ve ever known.

I took it down later for revision. Then I eventually decided to scrap it. But now, with the Summer of Lebron officially here, it’s time to revisit, because, just like a pretty girl in her twenties, Lebron has plenty of options. He can afford to burn a bridge or two, or spurn pretty-good offers to hold out for pretty-great offers.

Here’s what each club can offer Lebron:

Cleveland: Loyalty. Stay in the small city, stay near his hometown, stay with everyone he’s always known.

New York: Lifestyle. Manhattan is one of maybe two or three places that can claim to be the center of the world, there’s no denying that. For a young, famous, rich man who wants to get even more famous and rich (in his words, “Global Icon” status), NYC is the absolute place to be. But, the Knicks stink, and he’s not winning there…but hey, his social life will be rad. And then there’s the NYC legacy… here’s Lebron in a Knicks jersey, painted on the legendary parks of Rucker Park…

New Jerey: Success…off the basketball courts. This is a team that was a joke last year, and with Derek Favors having the biggest swing (either best player or biggest bust) of the draft, the Nets are hardly a lock to be a good team. But what Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay Z–two self made moguls–are pitching Lebron is success beyond the basketball courts. They’re telling Bron they can help him reach his goal of becoming a billionaire. And like a typical American success story, you gotta start in the slums (aka New Jersey) before you make it big (Brooklyn). Also, this billboard says it all. Damn.

Miami: Winning. If Lebron goes to Miami with Wade and Bosh, I don’t see how this team can be challenged by anyone other than the Lakers (Kobe has a stacked, stacked team). The problem is, this will hit Lebron’s ego pretty badly–he’ll be going to someone else’s team, someone else’s city, and it’ll look like he needed Wade to win.

Chicago: Practicality. Chicago offers a little bit of everything, and is the most practical choice. The team is good–although hardly a lock to win it all. Chicago is a big city–albeit not NYC-level big. So the Bulls gives him a bit of everything, he’ll be on a good team, in a somewhat big city/market, and still a good chance at success. To most, that’d be enough. But not for Lebron, aka the pretty girl, they can’t settle. They’ve been handed everything/given more options than normal people at every turn. They’ll look at this and say “this isn’t enough”.

Los Angeles Clippers: Come on… you can’t be serious, right.

UPDATE 12:48PM (HK time): Oh crap, we’re 48 minutes into THE SUMMER OF LEBRON and sportswriters, journos, players, and organizations are already going at it. Yao just recruited Bosh on his Twitter (isn’t Twitter banned in China?), NY Times writer Howard Beck is upset at ESPN crew for making fun of the Knick’s tweet that they’re meeting Mike Miller…

I’ve been blogging about this since 2007 on my Xanga, and now IT’S HERE.


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