Thursday, 9pm eastern

Everyone is getting a bit tired of this, everyone–even those who love him in Cleveland–are secretly thinking “man this guy is a self-centered, attention-whore”, but let’s face it, now that he’s given us an exact time and location to hear his decision, we’ll all be there.

Thursday night, 9pm eastern, US time.
Friday morning, 9am, Hong Kong time.

Lebron James will get a one hour (?????) live show to announce which team he’ll commit to.

First off…one hour? to announce which team he’ll be playing for? They gonna milk this announcement like the American Idol finale huh (I don’t watch that crap, roommate does. I swear), where they keep showing promos and clips and events-that-led-to-this-finale, for 59 minutes before the decision.

I was talking to Vic about how this whole situation reminds us of professional wrestling storylines: “where will he go?”, “who’ll he align with?” So I am hoping that sometime during the announcement, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade show up out of nowhere and the three hug and start throwing up Diamond Cutter/Jay Z signs, much like Hall/Hogan/Nash from 14 years ago.

But, realistically, he’s probably announcing he’s staying in Cleveland, which make the other teams who spent so much time waiting and setting aside everything hoping feeling burned and foolish. Most notably New York. Other teams wanted Bron but none spent as much time and effort or looked as desperate as these guys. Now all they’re getting is Amare Stoudemire? A big who doesn’t rebound, play D, or make anyone better? Of course, the NY media is hyping this up, NY Mag thinks the Knicks will be competitive even if they add just Stoudemire and NYTimes thinks Amare is the best player they’ve had since the 90s.

That’s wrong. First of all, if they add just Amare and lose David Lee (who actually puts up slightly better stats), I’d say that’s like a 7% upgrade. They ain’t going to be no serious threat to anyone. Second, I love NY Mag, I think they have a great combination of great profiles, cute gimmicky features, and fun pop culture stuff… but their sports section suck ass. Check out this piece about the Knicks and their future.

This piece is just flat out wrong: going off about Amare like he’s a franchise-saver? Talking like Tony Parker and Melo are kinda locked to go to NY? Making it sound like NY is still a frontrunner for Lebron? Completely off on every front, and everyone who follows basketball knows this. The thing is, I’m sure the writer knows it too, but he has to spin the truth because it’s NY media and he has to hype up the team, give themselves hope.

But regardless, Thursday night, eastern, 9pm, we’ll have answers. Will the city of Cleveland be shattered? Will NYC immediately have something to hype (check the way they blasted Amare’s mug all over Manhattan….it’s Amare “I’ve never been the best guy on my team” Stoudemire for fuck’s sake. Imagine if Lebron goes there, they’ll have to paint his face over the Statue of Liberty for a week)? Will Bosh be joining Lebron in the Windy City or Wade in South Beach?

Same bat time, same bat channel. The Summer of Lebron series finale!


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  1. Tim

    “Same bat time, same bat channel.”

    haha – nice!!! you know, i’m not even that into basketball but i like to read your posts on the crazy world of sports media coverage, pal

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