Lessons from Ted Mosby

I spent the past two hours checking sports sites, twitter, facebook, and youtube for reactions to Lebron’s decision to walk away from Cleveland for Miami.

Lots of unhappy people. Many of them feel burned, and some are bitter. The Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert completely ripped Lebron, not just the basketball player, but Lebron the human being, in a letter posted online. I don’t agree with the letter and I think he’s completely out of line. Since we’ve all been burned at one time or another I think most of us would agree it’s kinda understandable. They got burned and there’s two ways to react.

One reaction is anger and bitter resentment, such as Dan Gilbert’s letter, Cleveland natives burning Lebron’s jersey and throwing rocks at Lebron’s Nike billboard, or New Yorkers chanting “Fuck Lebron” outside Madison Square Garden.

The other reaction is to get mopey and sad. Like some Cleverlanders who were seen crying and leaving the bar in stunned silence.

But you know what, I’ve been on a How I Met Your Mother marathon lately, and I learned recently there’s a third option. In Season 4, main character Ted Mosby spots his former fiance, who left him at the altar just a few weeks prior, on the streets. At the urging of his friends, he decided to approach her and tell her off, but at the last second, he decides against it. And then, BOB FUCKING SAGET, of all people, says this in the voiceover:

“Kids, I know you think you must either hold in your anger or throw it in someone’s face, but there is a third option…you just let go.”


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