cause the nWo…is just too…sweeeeet.

I’m mad at myself. I’ve always took pride in my ability to come up with random ass nicknames and inside joke references–sure they only appeal to geeks like me, but they’re usually pretty well received among the geek circles. But you know what, it’s one thing to have your jokes and references be a hit on your facebook wall, it’s another when the thing hits on a national level…and I had the chance to, but wasn’t smart enough to capitalize on it.

Last Wednesday, when word broke that Bosh and Wade has committed to Miami and were trying to lure Lebron, I immediately thought of a parallel with professional wrestling, because you know, I’m a wrestling geek and I am–perhaps pathetically–always holding onto past memories. When I thought about Bosh and Wade teaming up and trying to tempt the biggest name in basketball to join them, I immediately compared the situation to this wrestling storyline in 1996…the New World Order.

The nWo was the hottest wrestling storyline in 96, and even though it fizzled out by 99, I still make nWo references every few months or so on facebook…even to this day. Of course, when I joke about it, only two or three of my friends play along because they’re also wrestling geeks. Everyone else either doesn’t care or doesn’t know.

So anyway, immediately after the Bosh/Wade announcement. I joked on my facebook that Lebron’s choice is now to “stay home or join Hall and Nash in Miami”. I posted that on my facebook less than an hour after news broke that Bosh and Wade had joined Miami. Af ew hours later, I  tweeted it to Bill Simmons, the one sportswriter who I know for sure would get–and love–the reference.

Of course, the nWo joke is a hit with the two or three friends and we spent the day joking around on each other’s wall making nWo references. No doubt everyone else on our facebook was like “what the hell?” but we didn’t give a crap. It was funny to us.

Fast forward two days. Lebron does indeed announce Miami. National story. Clevelanders heartbroken and angry. Next day, Bill Simmons unleashes his Lebron/Cleveland-themed mailbag, and starts off his piece by comparing the Lebron situation to the birth of the nWo. He gives credit to a reader for emailing it to him. I scroll down to see the email, and the dude wrote the email only after Lebron’s decision, on July 9. Factor in the time difference (Hong Kong is 12 hours ahead) and that means I tweeted that joke to Simmons almost a full three days before the dude’s email.

I coulda been on Bill Simmon’s mailbag as the dude who came up with the nWo comparison had I been smart enough to email him instead of tweeting it to him.

And since Simmons is like, the most read sports writer in the world now, hours after he mentioned the nWo thing in his column, videos on youtube started popping up with Lebron’s decision playing over nWo music.



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