we are all witnesses

I, a super pop culture geek, have been blessed this year when two events I care, and know plenty, about became such a huge beast in pop culture that it was almost a national phenomenon. First, came that whole Conan/Tonight show thing. And now, obviously, the Lebron thing. It’s fun for me–someone who blogged about these two things literally YEARS in advance in excitement–to see these same events grow into the hottest topics on every website–even non-sports ones and discussions of Americans–even the non-fans ones.

Of course, the Conan thing was a big deal, with everyone and their mama hopping on Team Coco to a point that a disgusted ML and myself (two hardcore Conan fans who talked about the Tonight Show will affect his brand of comedy way back in, say, 2005) called out people on facebook (“I don’t remember none of y’all talk about Conan before”)

But this Summer of Lebron thing is on another level, it dominated mainstream US media, in every form. Lebron and his meeting with each team, followed by Lebron and his decision, made the front page of nytimes.com, latimes.com, nymag.com, huffingtonpost.com, washingtonpost.com, and therearenoroads.wordpress.com.

It goes even beyond that. It’s not even just about the news report now, the reaction and opinions on the fallout is still a hot topic. On nytimes.com, three middle aged white women, who run economy, education, and a political opinion columns, all wrote Lebron-themed articles this week. Rollingstones.com has a piece out calling Lebron the douche of the year.

On my twitter, Lebron was everywhere this past week. Yes, I follow mostly sportswriters, but even the non sportswriters, from Chuck Klosterman to Conan O’Brien to this chick intern who doesn’t follow basketball to dictionary.com (yes I’m serious) mentioned Lebron.

And here comes the spoofs and satires. Slate’s “original draft” of the bitter and angry letter to Lebron by Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is HILARIOUS. I’ll post it here:

As if the Summer of Lebron wasn’t big enough as is, the resulting fallout led to three parallels:

1: The Lebron-is-taking-his-sweet-time-exploring-every-option-and-refusing-to-commit-unless-he-must-absolutely-do-it angle.

2: Then when he did decide, it led to the the bitter-ex-who-got-dumped (see above letter, see Cleveland’s reaction) angle

3: Bron then moves on to form a hated trio… the nWo angle.

It is surreal how one event managed to combine everything I’ve geeked out, or blogged, about recently. This very, very first entry to this blog–since deleted–was titled New York State of Mind, and it was about me going to New York and watching Bron play. Now that this NY thing is over, on every front. It’s almost like this blog can die in peace. Therearenoroads can end.

But it’s not. I’ll find other shit to geek out about. And when that gets huge I’ll pull the “I was writing about it years ago” card, which annoys most people, but well, yeah, thats all.


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