there there the boney king of nowhere

Two years ago, a movie I saw floored me to such a level that after the screening, I backed out of attending this Diesel party–which was held at this awesome venue in Happy Valley and attended by all my coworkers–just so I can go home and discuss the movie with LA friends and internet strangers.

That movie was a big deal, and all of us knew before the screening even started. To this day, it was the “most serious” screening I had attended–attendees included editor-in-chiefs and higher ups instead of the usual low level journos and reporters, and everyone seemed to collectively shutthefuckup right when the lights dim, and right after the movie ended, everyone was in stunned silence for 15 seconds or so before getting up.

That movie was Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Now, two years later, Christopher Nolan’s Inception is threatening to do the same. Granted, it’ll probably not be as big on a mainstream level because it isn’t an iconic franchise with a built-in fanbase like Batman, but the reviews for Inception have been so overwhelmingly positive that the buzz is off the charts.

Now, it’s not even casual everyday “it’s very enjoyable” praise. Inception is being compared to the works of Hitchcock and Kubirck. It’s supposedly a mindfuck of a movie, and one that will make you question what is real and all that psychobabble.

Unfortunately, the HK release is a week behind the US, so I’m already starting to hear feedbacks from the friends. ML, the snobby film expert, says he was left completely speechless and had to rewatch it later that day to fully absorb the movie. PL, a former Beats intern who is now making short films and other creative media in Canada, said “no film this year, or this decade, will trump how it excels your mind, imagination and pure cinematic enjoyment.”

And so…it is on.

I got screening tickets for Tuesday, and a bunch of people wanna go. I’m gonna have to be selective. For a movie of this magnitude, I need to go with someone who knows his or her shit and not be a casual moviegoer who thinks Transfomers and Wedding Crashers are awesome.

So whoever I choose to attend the screening with me, must be a film buff, geek, or at least the desire to want to be one. Or the person could be that half Japanese half White girl who works at Jamba Juice in South Pass.


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