you see, to them you’re just a freak…like me.

I consider the New York Times to be the #1 paper in the world. So when I noticed that this piece about the HK Book Fair was written by a Hongkonger (or I assumed so, judging from the name), I immediately googled her to see how one can go about writing for the times. I found her bio, and turns out she got her major break in HK as the managing editor of HK Mag in 2003. 2003–it was the worst of times for HK; it was the best of times for HK Mag. That was the year they doubled their circulation (and ad rates) by breaking away from fluffy “top fifteen bars to have happy hour!” features to more serious issues dealing with the environment and government. I know this because my former editor and mentor at Beats, SM, was the senior writer there, and he’s conveniently bragged mentioned that fact to me several times the last few years.

So anyway, this lady moved on from HK Mag to sit at a desk about three seats away from me right now, the Arts Editor position of the South China Morning Post. After that, she moved onto to the International Herald Tribune HK branch, and that explains how she got this byline in NY Times.

In a semi-related story, the other day I was watching CNN and they showed a commercial for CNNGo, and the city editor of the CNNGo Hong Kong, a chick I’ve worked with several times, was in the commercial repping her brand. This is THE CNN.

So yes, people doing what I want to do in spots where I want to be, about one or zero degree from me. I gotta use that as motivation and keep working. One day, I hope to have a by line for the NY Times, and to be able to write about basketball for a living.

Not sports, just basketball.


This is an epic, epic feature on how the web has, to quote the Joker, “changed things. forever. there’s no going back.” It’s eight pages long so I haven’t read through it yet. I’m going to hold off until Friday,when I get my hands on the ipad, and then I’ll read it this weekend on the couch, park bench, bus, ferry, poker tables, toilet. Not necessarily in that order. *Jordan fist pump*


I’m disappointed at so many people hating on Lebron for teaming with Wade and Bosh. The worst part is people are saying Jordan, Magic and Bird wouldn’t have joined one another… this past week Jordan and Magic actually backed up the cynics by confirming that yes, they wouldn’t have done it.

Jordan is the GOAT but I gotta debunk him here and now. Bron going to Wade and Bosh isn’t equivalent to Jordan going to Magic and Bird. Because Bosh isn’t that good. Jordan, Magic, Bird took turns being the undisputed best player in the world during the 80s and were already widely considered as GOAT candidates by 91 or so. So of course those three joining forces wouldn’t be fair. Although Lebron and Wade would fit into the Jordan/Magic level right now, Bosh doesn’t belong, so that knocks the whole theory to the ground.

A more realistic comparison would be if Jordan joined forces with Karl Malone and Brad Dougherty in 1990. Not so “OMG ITS UNFAIR!!!!!!!” anymore, eh? And finally, it baffles me how no one seem to gasp the fact that Kobe’s cast is pretty stacked and that even giving Lebron Wade and Bosh wouldn’t make necessarily give Lebron some super unfair edge if he were to play the Lakers.

So Magic, Mike, good try but you two are wrong. Stop sipping the haterade.


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  1. Tim

    LOL! haterade is bad for the soul

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