She’s back

Remember in 1995, when Michael Jordan sent a fax with two words, “I’m Back”, that would stun the sports world? Today, while watching the latest episode of Entourage, I saw something, muttered the words “she’s back” and immediately stopped the video to write this entry.

Over three years ago, I did the same thing. I was watching an episode of Entourage then and had to abruptly stop the video write a blog entry. The reason was because, one of the extras on the show, playing one of the many minions at Ari Gold’s office was…wait for it…STUNNING.

Here’s a screengrab from my xanga entry on May 6, 2007.

So yeah, that was three years ago, and as you can see, I wrote “I was mesmerized” then. And tonight… watching the show, OUT OF THE BLUE, she pops up again.

Man Entourage producers really do a damn good job of keeping continuity eh? I mean this chick’s role has no lines, she appears on camera for less than 2 seconds. They coulda found any dime-a-dozen aspiring Asian actresses but they went and got her again.

Here she is…tonight.

Three years later, ain’t nothing change. I…am…mesmerized.

BTW, I enjoy reading through my old xanga, I blogged so frequently and about so many random crap that I look back to reminisce and I constantly laugh out loud at ghetto jokes I came up with or incidents that happened then. Like that time my friend ML commented on my xanga after the KG trade and said Theo Ratliff was a monster, or that one time my friend, HOLLYWOOD ACTOR VICTOR VENGEANCE CHI, said Tom Arnold “carried Arnold in True Lies” and proceeded to get laughed off my blog. Or sometimes, I’ll come across an entry that hits an emotional note, like that entry from late 2006 about how badly I wanted to write for the South China Morning Post but “it’s impossible to get in”. Or that one entry from 2006 when I wrote how “I think I’m gonna move to NYC one day”…


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