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Today, my housemate asked me “Hey our lease is up end of September, what are we going to do?”

It’s an issue we’ve both ignored for the past few months because we didn’t think we’d have to worry about housing in Hong Kong past September–both of us were in long distance relationships with plans to move to our significant others near the end of the year.

For the housemate and I–or actually, probably just I since the housemate has a life and doesn’t compare real life with all these movie/sports parallels like the geek that I am–the plan was perfect. We’d have one joint farewell party, pack up, and move out of the apartment, and Hong Kong, at the same time.

So yeah, we never gave much thought to what we were going to do after our lease is up.

Should we stay here, even if the landlord is surely going to raise the rent? Or do we rent another place together? Or go our own ways? Who takes over the contract?

Recently, the plan fell apart for me, but the roommate was still in the running. Or at least I thought. So when she asked me what we’re going to do past September, my first instinct was to think “sigh”. But my reaction was premature, they’ve simply decided to go past regulation and into overtime.

And so back to this morning.

“Hey our lease is up end of September, what are we going to do?”

To quote every NBA player when their team is down 3-0 or 3-1 in a playoff series…

“We just gotta take it one game at a time, man”


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