Fo’ Fo’ Fo’

Not that I was ever a party/out and about type of guy before, but as I age I’m becoming more and more of a homebody. Today–a Friday–immediately after work I rushed home and napped. An hour later, I turned down a former roommate’s call for dinner, then a colleague’s invite to drinks, then a PR’s invite to a party. Sitting at home, I start reading.

Chuck Klosterman’s IV. A 2006 book collecting his magazine articles about pop culture. I’m reading his 2002 SPIN profile on Jack and Meg White.

I’m a Stripes fan. Became one when I first heard Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground shortly after high school. Became a bigger fan one day in 2003 when I heard the bass line to Seven Nation Army while driving the company van (I was a delivery boy for a printing press). I remember the bassline getting my attention, and when that pounding drums kicked in, I had to pull over to listen.

My mind was blown.

This was before the days of youtube and easily accessible bit torrent, so I could only download a crappy radio-recorded version from napster that night. A month later, then-girlfriend and I went to dinner at Burbank and I bought the White Stripes album that night. Listened to it on repeat so many times on the way back it annoyed her; she liked crap music.

Since then the Stripes have been one of my top two or three bands. Seen them six to seven times.

Jack White has gotten so big now, it’s hard to remember how obscure and weird he was back then. This Chuck Klosterman article does a good job of painting the picture. Anti-technology, anti-establishment, Jack and Meg were indie fucking cool.

But now? They’ve got a facebook page. And although I’m sure Jack doesn’t run that thing himself, he has to at least not be vehemently against it, right? So what happened there?

I’m rambling. Just felt like blogging after reading that Klosterman piece.

Next week I’m going to write my first long, serious profile in a while (been writing shorter, snappier pieces the last six months) I’ll be interviewing local director Benny Chan (best known for directing Jackie Chan in a series of flicks last decade) and I’m writing the piece for SCMP’s new baby, the Going Out guide.

I’m looking forward to it. I want to paint a picture of the scene, and of Benny the man. So this weekend, I’m gonna do a lot of reading.

And I’m watching Inception. again.

Will have a proper opinion after the second viewing.


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