This is going to be a random entry. Just wanted to share some cool things.

In the words of the Joker, and…here…we…go:

I’m really excited about the second viewing of Inception tomorrow. Re-watching a movie I like is nothing new to me. I saw The Dark Knight in the theater six times, Die Hard 4 four times, and 500 Days of Summer three times. What makes Inception different is the time between viewings. All those aforementioned multiple viewings all took place within like, days of each other. But because Inception’s screening was unusually early–over ten days before actual film opening–by the time I see it tomorrow, 11 or 12 days would have passed. That makes it seem fresh again.

Moving on…

I’ve found the first “killer app” for the iPad

(random tangent: killer app is a term that the game industry have used for decades, usually to describe that one must-have game, like say Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo or Halo for the Xbox. so it’s actually quite cool that the term killer app actually applies to an APP this time)

This is the Flipboard application for iPad. What it does is it takes your social media feeds (facebook, twitter, and more) and puts them together in the form of an electronic magazine. It sounds gimmicky at first–you’re essentially reading the same facebook wall and twitter feeds, but in a scrambled up way that requires “flipping through pages” on screen.

But Flipboard’s interface is supppper slick and they do a really good job of mixing it up. Sometimes they’ll take a twitter entry and display it as a pull out quote (like the ones seen in Vanity Fair features), sometimes they’ll take a facebook photo posted by a friend and use it as a full splash page ad. Other times Flipboard will take a link shared on facebook by a friend and post it in magazine article form, only with the by line going to the facebook friend who posted it. All youtube links can be viewed within the “magazine” itself.

So I was scrolling through today, and I see an article by my friend, HOLLYWOOD ACTOR VICTOR VENGEANCE CHI, then I see a giant picture of a friend as a full page ad, then I see Bill Simmon’s twitter as a pull out quote in the middle of a bunch of stories linked to other facebook friends.

And if facebook/twitter feed is too much fluff, you can throw in feeds from NY Times or Wired or CNN.

Yeah, Flipboard is rad.

To quote Hova, Onto the next one…

One of the reason Martin Scorsese is such a respected filmmaker is because of his uncanny ability to find the right music for the moment. A notorious Stones fan, his use of Jagger/Richard tunes in his films–from the way Gimme Shelter introduced Frank Costello and Colin Sullivan in the modern day classic The Departed to Harvey Keitel walking through a strip club looking for Bobby D as Jumping Jack Flash blares through the speakers in Mean Streets–have given us some of the most iconic moments in cinema.

I think my favorite one is from Goodfellas, when the Layla piano outro kicks in right as the montage of bodies–of guys who made the mistake of crossing Bobby D–start popping up around town left and right. The way the scene opens with a group of kids discovering the first set of bodies in the car is…a “damn” moment.

So, here’s a video of a dude playing the Layla outro.

Alright, random entry over.

To quote Kenny Smith after Vince Carter’s first dunk in Oakland in 2000, “it’s ovaaaaaaa


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