Alright, a bit more thought on Inception…

If indeed the thoughts/ideas that stems from the subconcious are driven by emotion, not reason, and that positive emotion usually wins out, then what do we make of thoughts/ideas that stems from the concious mind?

I think what drives the concious mind is the opposite of what drives the subconcious mind: negatiave emotion.

Think about it, the best works of art–whether it be songs, or poems, or paintings, or scripts–seem to stem from heartbreak. I had a talk with New York street artist Michael De Feo a few weeks back about whether or not the feeling or sadness helps our creativity. He says yes.

Let’s use some examples. It is the feeling of abandonment that drove Steve Nash. He was happy in Dallas, he wanted to stay, he was willing to commit, but Mark Cuban deemed him too old and wouldn’t commit. Then the media wrote him off as washed up. Nash–ever the class act–refuses to admit that’s what drove him that summer. He says he was just playing basketball. But all of us have eyes, we know what we saw. We saw Steve Nash with that EFF YOU look as he hit dagger after dagger on the Mavs in the 2005 playoffs. We saw Nash turn from a goofy White boy from Canada (goofy white boy from Canada…that’s a bit redundant eh? hahaha i’m joking) into a stone cold killer, one that Charles Barkley dubs “bad white boy”, we saw… VENGEANCE.

And then there’s  Bruce Wayne, dude only became Batman after he swore revenge on the criminals who prey on innocents. For all we know he woulda turned into a socialite rich kid had his parents not decided to walk through a dark alleyway in the seediest part of town. Anger and vengeance drove Bruce Wayne. And unlike Superman–whose REAL personality is Clark Kent–Bruce Wayne’s real personality is Batman. Bruce Wayne is the mask.

So there. Positive emotion, as Dom Cobb said, drives the subconcious. Negative emotion drives the rest of our daily lives.


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