white room

This is a cute little piece about how the new age electronic media makes it harder for us to pick up info about  a potential date or a first date by what their belongings. The piece says that, back in the old days, you could quickly learn alot about someone by what CDs/cassette tapes are in their car/room, or what book they’re holding/have on their desk. Nowadays, with the iPods and Kindle, you can’t tell anymore.

I kinda agree with the piece. I’ve been told that stuff like movies and music don’t matter, that I get overly passionate about those things. But I think knowing exactly what someone is passionate about tells alot about them. I’m definitely interested in a girl more if she’s aware of good music and classic films as opposed to a bland “oh, I listen to any music… oh I don’t really have a favorite book or sport or movie, I like to just…hang out with friends…” bullshit that, sadly, many people in HK spew.

Hell, I’ll even take bad movies and bad music over no taste. To a point. If it gets too bad then naw. Like when Ted Mosby dumped his college girlfriend when he discovered a Creed CD on her desk.


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  1. Tim

    “hold me now, cause i’m six feet from the edge and i’m thinking, maybe six feet ain’t so far down….”

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