I’m about to head off to Japan, alone. Although I’ve traveled alone before, this one really feels like a “one man trip”. I’ll be there less than 72 hours and I’m staying at a capsule hotel, aka a hostel with super tiny, pod-like “capsule rooms”. I’ll pack light (undewear+iPad) and basically carry everything in a backpack. I’ll travel quite a bit of distance to see a gig. Other than that I have no specific plans and not much knowledge of where to go. I’ll know no one and there will be language barriers. Like I said, it’ll feel more like a one man trip than ever.

There’s been some bumps but luck has bailed me out, as always. I purchased tickets to Summer Sonic a month and half ago, but have not heard nothing from this French company (official partners with SS) since payment. A google search revealed this company, Mosaico Diffusion, has a notorious reputation for being irresponsible and unresponsive (here and here)

I’ve been so busy at work lately I didn’t even have time to get angry and frustrated like I normally would. I told myself “fuck it, worst case scenario is I lose money”.

But then…a former colleague at Beats, who works at Sony now, hooked me up with a PRESS PASS. And, he gave me a gig–I do a generic interview (interviews that Sony will pass around to publications around Asia to run) with a British band at the venue and I get paid 200 USD.

So I get scammed by a French company, but Sony Music bails me out and cancels out my loss.

Oh and to top it off, right before I’m about to leave for the airport for some overpriced airport food, my roommate cooks me this Canadian dish: chicken with bread and gravy. When she told me I was thinking “what the hell? you Canadians are weird”.

But damn, THIS WAS GOOD.

Update: So I uploaded that photo on facebook saying it was a Canadian dish. A group of Canadian friends started commenting saying how they’ve never seen or heard of such a thing. It was like a big Canadian showcase. And then… two hours later, my roommate, who talks/acts like a cross between Jada Pinkett in Woo and Beyonce in the Bills Bills Bills video, left a comment that just laid the smack down.

Poor schmucks, they never stood a chance.


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