Circle pit

I walked over 30 miles yesterday in Tokyo, not an exact number, but I know I walked from 9am-4pm, then 6pm-11pm, and of those 12 hours, maybe 40 mins of it was on a train. The rest of the time I was on my feet. Even while eating (standing noodle and sushi bar).

At my pace, 30 miles is a safe guess.

Today, I participated in my first circle pit since 2004. I thought I was , like Murtaugh, too old for that shit, but just seeing a proper circle pit here got me excited, since The rest of Asia can’t seem to do one properly.

My ankle and feet are dying right now.

I’m at a hostel right now and these hippies are going on about how great it is traveling alone. Even though I’m alone alot, I, surprisingly, disagree. Throughout this trip, I realized that Chris McCandless was right.


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