The Murtaugh List

This is a video of the aforementioned circle pit during The Offspring’s set at Summer Sonic. The last time I was involved in a circle pit was 2004, at the Glass House in Pomona. That night, a girl fell on my head while moshing and I witnessed a female friend’s shirt get ripped, I think it was then I told myself Danny Glover’s famous line, “I’m too old for this shit.”

Then I moved to Hong Kong, a city with a quite tame and pathetic reaction to rock shows, and throughout time, I forgot what a circle pit was supposed to be like (It’s not just Hong Kong though, I reckon most of Asia can’t do one properly cause it involves hard shoving and really, not giving a fuck).

So there I was at Summer Sonic, about 5 hours into the show, and the crowd was pretty normal “Asian crowd” up till then. Then, Offspring took stage, and Dexter screamed

YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH (that awesome opening to THIS awesome song)

Somewhere after the third yeah, I felt a hard shove. By the end of the fifth yeah, everyone was jumping and shoving. Having gone so long without being in a circle pit, having been softened by living in Hong Kong, I was almost in shock for good 10 seconds.

I whipped out the camera and started shooting videos. As you can see, at first, I shoot the circle pit from the sidelines, staying out of the way because I told myself that Roger Murtaugh line.

But in the end, I couldn’t resist. I had to jump in. That’s when the video gets shakey.

So, it feels good to say, no Murtaugh, you’re wrong. I’M NOT TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT!

(Quick random tangent: I’ve been joking around with this Danny Glover line for years. It’s hardly a hit pop culture reference since Danny Glover ain’t no big star and no one on my facebook/blog ever plays along with the line. But I didn’t care, I threw that line out every few weeks in a blog entry anyways. I understood 99% of Hong Kong don’t care/know who Danny Glover is or where that line came from. But fuck it, I make these references because I like to, even if no one cares.

Or so I thought.

A few days ago I was watching How I Met Your Mother and noticed the episode is titled THE MURTAUGH LIST. I thought to myself “wait, Murtaugh? As in DANNY GLOVER???”. Yes, it was true, HIMYM had an ENTIRE EPISODE CENTERED AROUND DANNY GLOVER’S LINE. In the episode, Ted Mosby comes up with a list called “The Murtaugh List”, it includes a bunch of things that he is too old to do. Barney of course, takes that as a challenge and starts pursuing The Murtaugh List one by one.

And that is why the show is rad.)


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