dream is collapsing

Random Japan notes:

1: The best performance at Summer Sonic was no doubt The Offspring. They were never my favorite band but always had a spot on my playlist. Every few months I’d post one of their videos on facebook as a shout to SoCal rock. Good to see them bring it in Japan. Oh and Dexter got fat.

2: Although Offspring had the best show on a sonic level, Jay Z was just something else. Bill Simmons always talks about this “aura” superstars have. He says that when someone like Michael Jordan or Lebron walks into a room, you just feel it. That “oh it’s HIM” superstar aura. Jay Z has it. When he elevated on stage through the smokes, it felt surreal seeing an icon, someone who’s performed with Paul McCartney, someone who is like a big brother to Lebron, and someone who coined a phrase that the President of the United States referenced live on television. I mean, damn.

But performance-wise, it was eh. I don’t think it’s his fault. I think hip hop, because it’s so overly produced and reliant on samples, always sound inferior live than on album. That’s why ultimately, I love artists like Jack White, who can recreate that exact sound you hear on your CD all by himself with just a guitar. Other artists? They need a 12 man backing band and 14 mixers/producers to get that sound you hear through your speakers.

3: I swear, if I didn’t know any better, I woulda thought the government passed a law in which every woman under 30 must wear ridiculous heels and short skirts. It was insane seeing that many sets of legs at Shinjuku.

4: Same goes for headgear. See, I like headgear, when I had long hair I always tried to sport a hat of some sorts. It looked downright alien in LA, where everyone dresses the same, and a bit out there in HK as well. But man in Japan, if you wanna rock an Indiana Jones hat or a Slash top hat…. be like Stallone in Over the Top and GO FOR IT.

5: My love for Japanese food has continue to grow. To me, Japanese food just feels light, fresh, and un-greasy. I don’t feel a bit greasy and bloated after downing 14 sushis the way I would if I down a burger, or a roast duck. Now that I’m getting older and I’m trying to eat healthier, it only makes me want to eat Japanese food even more regularly. Last night, my first dinner back from Japan, I ate Japanese again.


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