“Expendables means someone throws a party…

…you don’t show up, nobody notices.”
–John Rambo

I saw a screening of the Expendables yesterday. Going in, I had read and heard some really bad things so I had almost no expectations. But you know what, the film is okay.

Of course, I grew up on Rocky, Rambo, Die Hard, and then a bit later, Once Upon a time in China and WWF (Stallone, Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Steve Austin, respectively) so I’m probably a bit biased. Especially the first three. I remember as a kid, my dad would take me to watch these action packed movies starring Stallone and Arnold (most of these were rated R, but you know, HK parents don’t give a crap, we’re not as babied and pampered as Americans). In fact, watching Stallone movies with my dad is arguably the earliest memories of my LIFE.

I know that before I loved NBA, before I loved Japanese culture, before I loved professional wrestling, before I loved Fresh Prince, I loved Rocky, Rambo and John McClane. (I was either not born yet or too young for the earlir Rockys and the first Rambo, but I remember seeing Rocky IV and Rambo 2&3 in HK theaters, I’m sure I caught up with the older Rambos and Rockys before I turned 12. Die Hard 2 was one of the last movies I saw in Hong Kong before I moved to the US and became an American. In a totally unrelated news, I think Dustin Hoffman/Robin William’s Hook is one of the very first films I saw after moving to America. That and A League of Their Own, still one of my favorites. There is no crying in baseball)

And to top it off, Rocky 6 actually played a part in me deciding to move to Hong Kong almost four years ago, so really, Sylvester Stallone can make a case for being like, a key inspirational figure in my life.

So yeah, I’m probably a bit biased. But you know what? When Arnold, Bruce Willis and Stallone shared that one scene together–the three iconic action star of the 80s–for the first time in the history of film, the crowd erupted into an ovation.

That was surreal.

Other than that, this Mainland chick, myself, and this Black dude from Memphis (yes there is one in HK) made the most noice. Most notably when Stone Cold Steve Austin was being his bad ass self.

Thanks, Sly.


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