once a hater…

Being a non-Laker fan living in Los Angeles throughout my high school and college years, I’ve been accused, on many occasions of being a “hater”. At the time, I thought that term was so pretentious.

What, just cause I’m not a fan that makes me a hater? Doesn’t everyone hate something? So aren’t we all haters?

I fought the title vehemently. For years. To friends, colleagues, diehard Laker fans on Insidehoops.com. Even the then-girlfriend.

Today, I found out Rip Hamilton is coming to Hong Kong this weekend. And after a quick call to NBA PRs, I was told I’ll get to tag along with Rip for an hour or two as the NBA HK suits give him a tour of the city.

I write a column in the South China Morning Post called CitySeen, it’s like a gossipy preview/review of what’s happening/happened in Hong Kong. So I start thinking about how I’m gonna write about Rip Hamilton’s weekend on Monday. Since Rip isn’t a household name here, I’d have to introduce him with a descriptive clause at the start of the piece. I ran a few ideas through my head…

Richard Hamilton, two time all star.


Richard Hamilton, 12 year NBA veteran guard.


Richard Hamilton, who famously outdueled Kobe Bryant in the 2004 Finals.

I think I’m gonna go with option C. Because yes, I guess I am a hater.

(This entry is half joking by the way, I fully acknowledge Kobe’s status as a top ten player all time–although below Duncan and Shaq–and top two player currently. So please, crazy Latino Laker fans, don’t spam me.)


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  1. came here via your piece on Jeremy Lin on Slamonline, when i saw you write for SCMP. I have almost the exact opposite of your life journey (born in HK and now in US), and it always intrigues me to see what people are doing in HK. wish you all the best with everything.
    p.s. please ask Rip about outdueling kobe in 2004 Finals. let’s see what he’ll say about it.

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