“there’s bigger issues in the world, i know, but first i have to take care of the world i know”

I got a random email from an almost-stranger today. He’s a fan of my blog. He found this blog when he moved to HK from overseas and randomly googled Hong Kong Basketball (SIDE STORY: If you google Hong Kong with the words Basketball, NBA, or poker, one of my articles pops up in the top two results on google…that makes me proud)

He said my blog, and the constant Rocky references, makes his quest-to-make-it-here a bit easier. Of course, I reference Rocky not hoping to inspire others, but myself. I’ve been told by a very cynical British guy that I put too much emphasis on movies and draws too many parallels between life and film. I know he has a point; I know I live in lala land at times, but if I didn’t see Rocky 6 I may not have had the guts to come back to Hong Kong. Whether or not that was a stupid reason or not, it happened, and it kinda worked out. Fictional stories–be it film or music or literature–matters. It gives us hope. I know it’s kinda naive and stupid, and I am fully aware life isn’t fair and doesn’t work out for everyone. but hey, it doesn’t hurt to be a dreamer, right?

Anyway, I read this NY Times piece today about defriending someone and how doing this on facebook can lead to tricky situations. This quote really struck a chord with me:

“In real life, friendships die a natural death: you simply stop seeing someone until both of you barely remember you were friends in the first place”

I think this quote is so sad. But then again, I’m a fucking sap.

Here’s a much happier story, about a Korean woman who wouldn’t give up, passing her driver’s license test after 900 some tries.


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