The first time I set eyes on Mary Swanson…

…I just got that old fashioned romantic feeling where I’d do anything to bone her.

I’m watching Dumb and Dumber right now. I remember seeing this in cinemas and coming out thinking it was the greatest thing ever. Of course, that was a time when WWF theme music–specifically Bret Hart’s theme–was getting the most spin and Gary Payton was sporting a high-top fade.

Jim Carey was unstoppable in the early to mid 90s, Ace Ventura, Cable Guy, The Mask, etc (Me, Myself and Irene was also hilarious, although that was released in 2000). Watching him as Lloyd Christmas, with that bowl cut and chipped tooth now, it’s hard to imagine that he would go one to star in two of the most soulful and touching films in modern cinema history.

One of them is The Truman Show, a seminal film that portended the reality TV era and, upon digging deeper, seemed to be a social commentary on religion and free will all that mumble jumbo. But forget all that, this is just a touching movie that resonated with, well, everyone.

So yeah, who woulda thunk that Jim Carey would go on to star in two of the top “movies that guys are allowed to shed a tear in”, especially given that as I’m typing this right now, Carey’s Christmas just sold a headless bird to a blind kid. Ha!

Oh and if you need to ask what the other film is, my inner film snob is shaking my head at you.


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