four touchdowns in a single game

One of the subeditors at the paper I work for added me on facebook. This is rare because 1: no one really talks to me at work; my job requires too much going in and out and I always have headphones on 2: this sub editor is alot older than me 3: our dept is just quiet by nature.

I look at his old profile pics and there’s a picture of him and his wife when they were teens. They in their late 40s now. That made me go “awww”.

The other day I was exchanging emails with a PR girl from LA to set up an interview for a story, and the girl’s full name is a combination of my old roommate and his gf’s name. I forwarded the email to those two with a smile on my face.

For someone who idolizes Jordan, a cold-blooded killer, and Al Bundy, aka the ultimate American male, I think they’d be “SMH” at me right now.


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