end of an era

Today, I officially moved out of this Wanchai flat I had been sharing the past six months with my flatmate. The place is near empty now–we done sold everything and she’s shipped most of her stuff to London. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be living with a stranger as opposed to a friend, and in about a week she’s flying to London to start her new life.

I can’t help but get this end of an era feeling.

My flatmate and I were the two staff writers of Beats magazine during most of the magazine’s run. Basically, us two and the Ed ran the whole mag for a year and half, and that was when the mag was in its hey.

I still remember meeting her on my second day of work. I was half intimidated by her our first couple of months working together–for a girl, she dropped tons of F bombs and always carried this proud sista attitude that is best described as a cross between Jada Pinkett in Woo and early-era Destiny’s Child.

I know that as much as I saw her as this cutthroat overly proud independent woman, she saw me as this emo, too-soft-at-heart geeky square in return. And our relationship kinda worked like that–she’d always look after me and give me advice, often times in such a sisterly tone that it made me think “come on I know I’m not a fool”.

Don’t think we liked each other that much at first, instead we were like Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan at the end of Wrestlemania 6–have weary respect for one another.

Anyway, she doesn’t know this blog exist, so I wanna give props to her on here. I can do so without fear of her going “what the hell is wrong with you?”.

Long distance relationship, they say, never work out. That’s what I was told, that’s what she was told. But she made it work. She made it. In about a week, she’s starting a new life, in a new land, with her love.

She done the impossible. She shut the haters up.

So Lam, I’m proud of you, and I will miss your sister-ness, and sista-ness.



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2 responses to “end of an era

  1. Wow. Didn’t even know you guys lived together! Good luck to her, and to you kind sir.

  2. Ben,

    Great post. Perhaps your new change in living condition will come new adventures.

    keep writing

    Rayfil Wong

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