Fall TV

I’m flying back to the US next month, bit of a work trip, got a good story lined up in LA. I realize that everytime I’m back, I realize how awesome US TV is. I mean, despite the fact that, thanks to the net, we can get US TV shows on the laptop within an hour after broadcast, I still prefer watching it in real time, with commercials in between. US commercials are rad. Most. Some are like, American dumb, but the others are good, like American good. Of course, American good and American dumb is probably the same thing, depending on who you ask. Anyway, going back, I’m most looking forward to playing ball, poker, and watching ball, and just being, like, American. None of this random rugby cricket talk or love of karaoke or like, saying cheers as thank you.

Here’s a repost of an old facebook note, summing up how awesome American TV, and Lebron, was the last time I was back. And the timing is good, since Lebron and Conan will be returning to our TVs this fall. And with all the hate on Lebron lately, we kinda forget that, dude is still, the best player alive. I mean, there’s a reason why everyone focused on him first, second, and third before focusing on other free agents this year. All this talk about Melo to NYC/Newawk? It’s just hype. Melo ain’t nearly good enough to be that “franchise altering” star. There will be a bit of buzz cause no one hypes their own shit better than NYC, and then the Nets or Knicks will be a second round exit every April with Melo running the show. The big games for the next few years will be played at South Beach, Los Angeles, and Beantown.

From Jan 2010:

i’m not gonna write about how great it was to see family and close friends. i’m not gonna write about the always-absolutely-hilarious poker night. i’m not gonna write about the cool clash of cultures in SF or the fact Berkeley has possibly the greatest record store/book store combo on earth. i’m not gonna write about how nice it was to drive on the freeway while blasting kroq.

it’d take too much time.

instead, im just gonna write about how good US TV was the past 10 days.

my goodness. i’ve gone off enough about Conan’s rogue run, how him going off on his own employer on TV is something completely refreshing. But how about that amazing final 10 minutes of his final show where he gave an emotional farewell then jumped on stage and jammed with Beck, Ben Harper, ZZ Top guy, and Will Farrell to Freebirds? Was that one of the most moving non-fictional moments on TV or what?

but how about NBA?

throughout the last week, Lebron played the Lakers, Thunders and the Heat and all three games turned into a mano-e-mano superstar duel with Lebron taking on Kobe, Durant and Wade. Lebron beat all three, and the block on Durant to seal the game as well as picking off D Wade’s pass was sick. Lebron, man… the sickest physical specimen in all of sports. 6’9, 265 pounds of pure muscle who can outjump, outrun, and outpower just about every one else on earth. Throw in his high bball IQ and court vision and he is uncanny to watch in HD.

I mean I’ve seen him play countless times on a computer monitor or on TVB here in HK. But to see him in HD on a 32 inch TV is insane.

Hell, I’ve seen Lebron in person and HD TV is better.


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  1. jeremy

    hey.so i think i read one of your posts on SLAM and somehow ended up here..really loving your blog man. you can watch american tv live on sites like atdhe.net or justin.tv i watch plenty of live nba games through that. just thought id share that ha

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