in limbo

I log onto and the main image  immediately caught my eye–a dude stroking a J with an unusual backdrop–a humble home in a small farm inItaly. I was about to click into the story when I see a header below the photo that was more attention-grabbing:

Invasion of privacy made public, Then a fatal jump.

So I click and read this sad tale of 19 year old Rutger student committing suicide after being surreptitiously broadcast live on the net by a roommate via webcam doing some very private things. The roommate even cracked jokes on twitter.

What’s alarming are the comments: many, including a Rutger professor, claim the school’s students are notoriously immature, and the fact that a project named “Project Civility”–a program aimed to teach respect and compassion– is telling.

So yeah, life isn’t all roses for some, and for today, this story is bigger than a story of an Italian kid who loved the game.


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