Just the facts, m’aam

This is a great piece on the Foreign Correspondents’ Club by the NY Times,  by HK-based journo Christopher DeWolf (I link way too much to NY Times), whom I’ve met once, very briefly for 12 seconds, despite us having something like 238 mutual friends.

I like the title of the piece, I like movie reference opening (my cup of tea). I like the history and significance of the piece. Man, back in the day, the FCC was where the big boy journos play–hard reporting, liasing with correspondences. The days of the internet has killed most of that–nowadays there’s no need for a hardnosed facts man out there getting info, jotting down on a notepad, and phoning the info in.

Now everything can be had with the click of a mouse.

Instead of men shooting the shit and reporting facts, now it’s just a place for kiddies and old geezers to drink. You gotta reckon the old timers are shaking they heads right now.

Anyway, Mr DeWolf is a great journo and this is an interesting piece. It also goes to show that, man, Hong Kong DO have culture. I’ve been brainwashed the last year or two hanging with bitter, cynical people who complains about HK’s lack of culture, attitude, character, this and that when the fact is–they just DON’T LIKE THE CITY. One vamoosed and the other–a cynical British cat–is still here, no doubt calling something “rubbish” the very second I’m typing this.

I give props to the first one for leaving. Cause you can’t complain and moan about HK all the time (which is what many English speakers do in HK) and yet not leave because it’s easy here. That’d make you a pussy.

Back to the culture bit. Hong Kong’s got plenty of culture and character. Just that it’s local culture. Perhaps not what you or I are looking for. And that’s fine, so LEAVE.

I think I’ll always care more about American culture than HK culture, so with that, leaving is and will always be something looming. But until I do, I’ll tone down the bitching cause I don’t want to be end up cynical and bitter like them other cats.


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  1. Tim

    here here!

    culture is there to be experienced, even if it isn’t your cup of tea

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