Well, we know how the poker scene turned out in HK, and looks like the MMA scene has taken a huge blow too.

A big MMA event, which was scheduled to take place in Macau last Saturday, was abruptly canceled jut 48 hours before the event when the promoter ran off with millions. Worse yet, none of the fighters were notified so many of them flew to Hong Kong only to realize they have no work, hotel, or a return flight back.

I actually talked to the organizer 2 days before heĀ disappeared–and shit hit the fan. I was doing a preview of the fight, and he sounded pretty excited about the event. I filed the piece the next day, only to hear some 12 hours later that dude ran off, fight’s canceled, and my piece would need to be rewriten. So I mumbled Danny Glover’s trademark “I’m too old for this shit” and rewrote the thing overnight.

Here it is. It was supposed to be a feature piece looking at the MMA boom, instead, it became a news story on perhaps, the first blow to the MMA scene.

This is why I was always a WWF guy instead.


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